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last changeThu, 18 Dec 2014 17:43:01 +0000 (18:43 +0100)
4 days ago  Espen JervidaloQA update contacts to 1.4-SNAPSHOT and DAM to 2.1-SNAPSHOT master
5 days ago  rkovarikraise dependency to cache 5.4-SNAPSHOT
6 days ago  Philip MundtUpdate dependency of module-categorization to latest...
7 days ago  Philip MundtUpdate dependency to STK to 2.9-SNAPSHOT
7 days ago  Philip MundtUpdate dependencies to latest, released versions
2014-12-03  Espen JervidaloMGNLUI-3148 update pages dependency to new artifactId
2014-11-26  Mikaël GeljićQA keep integration tests poms in sync with magnolia...
2014-11-26  rkovarikupdate dependency to cache 5.3
2014-11-26  Grégory JosephUpdated ports to 8399 and 8398
2014-11-26  Grégory JosephQA clean up and explcitely declare dependencies used...
2014-11-26  Mikaël GeljićQA ~ MGNLUI-2963 upgrade htmlunit on bundle as well...
2014-11-24  Aleksandr PchelintcevMGNLUI-2963 Update to Vaadin 7.3.4
2014-11-14  Daniel Lippexplicitely adding apache-mime4j so html-unittests...
2014-11-10  Michael MühlebachMAGNOLIA-5892 Update bouncycastle version from 1.46...
2014-11-10  Philip MundtSet java version to 1.7
2014-11-10  Philip MundtUpdate dependencies of main/UI to 5.4-SNAPSHOT
4 days ago master