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This is the Git repository for Magnolia CMS projects. See the Git usage page on the wiki for details. See details on the structure and migration status as well.

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Project Description Owner Last Change
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build/magnolia-maven-archetypes.git Git 5 weeks ago
testing.git Git No commits
academy/business-canvas.git Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. ndesmarais 5 weeks ago
academy/migrationTo5.git Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. nbarbe 8 weeks ago
forge/I18nresdoc.git Git 5 months ago
forge/davex.git Git 13 months ago
forge/deadlink-app.git Git 3 weeks ago
forge/external-indexing.git Git 13 months ago
forge/geo.git Git 17 months ago
forge/jbpm-email-sample.git Git 5 weeks ago
forge/magnolia-module-ckeditor.git Git 4 days ago
forge/magnolia-module-resources-scss.git Git 4 days ago
forge/magnolia-object-mapper.git Git 7 months ago
forge/magnolia-spring-context-loading.git Git 2 months ago
forge/magnolia-xls-to-contentapp.git Git 5 months ago
forge/ocm.git Git 15 months ago
forge/opensocial.git Git 22 months ago
forge/orange-blossom.git Git 9 months ago
forge/shop.git Git 11 days ago
forge/social-media-hub.git Git 7 weeks ago
forge/solr.git Git 8 months ago
forge/urltrans.git Git 4 months ago
ce-bundle.pub.git Git 10 hours ago
magnolia_main.pub.git Git 16 hours ago
magnolia_ui.pub.git Git 15 hours ago
modules/4-5-migration.git Git 4 days ago
modules/activation.git Git 15 hours ago
modules/admininterface-legacy.git Git 15 hours ago
modules/app-tutorial.git Git 2 weeks ago
modules/blog.git Git 3 weeks ago
modules/blossom/blossom-extension-data.git Git 17 months ago
modules/blossom/blossom.git Git 2 weeks ago
modules/blossom/samples.git Git 5 weeks ago
modules/cache.git Git 5 weeks ago
modules/categorization.git Git 12 days ago
modules/cmis.git Git 2 months ago
modules/commenting.git Git 5 weeks ago
modules/contacts-app.git Git 12 days ago
modules/dam.git Git 15 hours ago
modules/data.git Git 12 days ago
modules/device-detection.git Git 3 months ago
modules/dms.git Git 6 months ago
modules/docutools.git Git 23 months ago
modules/excelrenderer.git Git 17 months ago
modules/form.git Git 4 days ago
modules/forum.git Git 7 days ago
modules/google-analytics.git Git 4 months ago
modules/google-sitemap.git Git 20 hours ago
modules/groovy.git Git 12 days ago
modules/imaging.git Git 19 hours ago
modules/inplace-templating.git Git 12 days ago
modules/magnolia-templating-compatibility-taglib-cms.git Git 3 months ago
modules/magnolia-templating-compatibility-taglib-utility.git Git 3 months ago
modules/magnolia-templating-compatibility.git Git 3 months ago
modules/mail.git Git 5 weeks ago
modules/modeshape-support.git Git 4 months ago
modules/observation.git Git 2 months ago
modules/openid.git Git 13 months ago
modules/page-export.git Git 3 months ago
modules/poll.git Git 13 months ago
modules/public-user-registration.git Git 12 days ago
modules/resources.git Git 15 hours ago
modules/rest.git Git 5 weeks ago
modules/rssaggregator.git Git 14 hours ago
modules/scheduler.git Git 15 hours ago
modules/site-verification.git Git 9 months ago
modules/snippet.git Git 17 months ago
modules/standard-templating-kit-prototype.git Git 3 weeks ago
modules/standard-templating-kit.git Git 13 hours ago
modules/store-client.git Git 3 months ago
modules/task-management.git Git 21 hours ago
modules/templating-samples.git Git 4 months ago
modules/todolist.git Git 17 months ago
modules/webdav.git Git 2 months ago
services/poc/business-canvas.git Git No commits
System stuff
sys/git-migration-tools.git Tools and scripts to migrate from SVN to Git. gjoseph 23 months ago
training/update-training.git Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. ndesmarais 2 months ago